Equal Opportunities in the Work Place

Madly Sweetly is an equal opportunities employer and whilst we respect cultural values, we strive to influence and inspire our suppliers when it comes to gender equality.

From the conception of Madly Sweetly, an important goal was to provide a working environment that accommodated parents and offered a work / life balance. Having worked in the industry for many years both Laurinda and Brent were very aware of the challenges in achieving this, but as parents understood the importance and believed in the benefits that would result.

We are proud to say 70% of our team are working mothers. We offer employee and contractor terms, flexible hours and days, and remote desk work – all of which accommodate school days and terms as well as work life balance with or without children!

Local Community Care

We believe that being a good citizen means contributing to social, environmental and economic development both within our supply chain as well as within our local community.

Our direct support for community projects include supporting “Look Good Better” and “Breast Cancer Awareness” as well as sample donations to Women’s Refuge and City Mission. Indirect donations of product and goodie bags are regularly made to our retail customers for their numerous fundraising and charity events which support a wide variety of causes both in their local and wider communities.

In addition we donate fabric swatches, trims and clothing to local kindergartens and primary schools ensuring no waste and no contribution to landfill.